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  • CINNAMONSTER: (Cinnamon monster)
    A possessed cinnamon bun.
  • METAPHORSE: (metaphors horse)
    The metaphors riding instructors use to try teaching riding concepts to their students; the weirder the better.
  • BIOPSYCHEDELIC: (biopsy psychedelic)
    endogenously produced psychedelic states of conciousness ( ie: holotropic breathing)
  • CONCAVERSE: (concave averse)
    The word is a new word that is necessary to bring about the realization that the earth we live on is the inside of a sphere and the middle is the firmament followed by space, which is actually heaven. The "universe" that we were taught since the Copernican Theory of the 'planet' earth supposedly spins around the sun is complete horse poop. Proven over and over again that the Concave Earth Theory is correct.
  • CRESCENDOG: (crescendo dog)
    A dog going down the stairs.
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