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  • PELVICIOUS: (pelvic vicious)
    When your pelvic thrusts are perfectly in sync with your rhythmic motion, such as to create vicious thrusts (more powerful than regular thrusts)
  • INTERESTEEM: (interest esteem)
    Interesteem reflects a person's overall emotional evaluation of the worth of their relationship to another person.
  • SCHOLARTIST: (scholar artist)
    A scholar who identifies his work with artistry; a scholar of any subject who incorporates artistry with their scholarly work
  • PAPALATE: (papal palate)
    publish false stories/information to distort the truth. So as to cause turmoil.
  • PIANOREXIA: (piano anorexia)
    Pianorexia is a piano players disorder cahracterized by the inability to read music
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